- the independent German certification body for education and economy in a globalized world.

About us

DeuZert was founded near Berlin in January 2009 as a certification body that stands out due to its modern spirit. DeuZert is composed of highly motivated and professional staff members who are young both at heart and mind. You can contact us in our premises in the town Wildau near Berlin


via telephone: +49 3375 217459-0

via telefax:      +49 3375 217459-19

via email:         kundendienst(ad)deuzert.com

DeuZert is

  • the first accredited certification body for ISO 21001:2018 in Germany.
  • the only certification body for ISO 21001:2018, ISO 29992:2018 and ISO 29993:2017 in the world that is able to draw on sources of expertise from the responsible Technical Committee ISO/TC 232,
  • the first certification body offering certifications according to ISO 29991:2014, ISO 29992:2018 and ISO 29993:2017,
  • the first accredited certification body in the German Federal State of Brandenburg that deals with both education and economy (ISO 9001),
  • an accredited certification body in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 as well as IT security requirements catalogue (August 2015) under section 11(1a) of the German Energy Act (EnWG) with highly experienced auditors and international reputation,
  • an expert agency in accordance with the German regulations on the accreditation and approval for employment promotion (AZAV) accredited by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS) as well as excellent reputation and confidence throughout Germany.

DeuZert is founding member of IFCES  - THE INTERNATIONAL FORUM FOR THE CERTIFICATION OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICES, the international organisation in accordance with ISO 29990 standard family, as well as the only certification body within IFCES.

The majority of our customers comes from the following areas:

  1. Innovation/ high-tech
  2. IT/ software/ telecommunication
  3. Electrical engineering/ electronics
  4. Automotive (external suppliers)
  5. Education and training
  6. Health service

DeuZert operates freely at a regional level.

Our certification services meet the high requirements of our customers and ourselves at 100%. This is because we can refer to qualified and experienced audit leaders as well as auditors with whom we have a most successful cooperation in serving our customers. This allows us to identify ourselves with every single aspect of our certification services which we are happy to offer you at an extremely moderate price.

We always aim at improving our services to meet customer and public requirements. These set the benchmark for our own quality management system.

DeuZert’s business policy is supported and put into practice by all staff members, auditors, experts and committees. A quality-conscious and customer-oriented business policy can only be successful through a cooperation of all parties concerned.

We guarantee objective certifications. Any certification result is based on objective evidence following the assessment of conformity or non-conformity, and is not due to the interest of third parties.

Our staff members, auditors, experts and committees are free from commercial, financial or any other pressure that could manipulate their judgement. This is confirmed regularly.

In this context it should be specifically noted that the partners and the executive board of DeuZert are

  • independent of public authorities or testing organizations which have sovereign functions
  • free from any connections to specific business associations or societies
  • free from any connections to other interest groups, e.g. trade unions

The certification services of DeuZert are accessible to all interested organizations, provided that our principle of neutrality is not affected. There are no unreasonable conditions, be they financial or otherwise. The procedures under which DeuZert works are applied without any bias whatsoever.

All decisions to grant/ refusal, maintenance and renewal of certification/ admission, its suspension, restoration or withdrawal, as well as expansion or restriction of the scope of a certification/ admission are made by the DeuZert Certification Committee. Members are the technical management or an authorized representative as well as a competent auditor who is not involved in the certification procedure itself. Each decision shall be taken on the basis of the procedural documents to be assessed, the review of the recommendation of the audit team and any other relevant information. In any case the customer is informed in writing about the decision. Details are governed by § 13 et seq. of DeuZert examination regulations in connection with the rules of DeuZert Certification Committee.

In principle, DeuZert offers no consulting or internal audits.

Our Supervisory Board and Board of Trustees monitors compliance with these obligations.

DeuZert has the following quality fundamentals:

  1. Customer focus (customer satisfaction)
  2. Neutrality (no conflicting interests)
  3. Expertise (high competence of staff and auditors)
  4. Responsibility (clear responsibilities and roads of decision)
  5. Openess (Everyone is welcome! All maybe legitimate complaints are processed quickly.)
  6. Confidentiality (Customer information are confidential)
  7. Risk-based approach (Risks are taken into account)

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